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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Loving Day

Loving Day. Most people are clueless as to what the heck that is. Despite the name, no it is not Valentine's Day's twin sister, or Sweetest Day's evil cousin. Loving Day falls on June 12 every year, and it marks the anniversary of when the Supreme Court overturned a law that banned racially mixed couples from legal marriage. It took place in 1967, and the case was Loving vs Virginia. Needless to say, Loving beat the state and marriage in the United States was forever changed. If you want more info, there's always google. ;)

My point...A good friend of mine just informed me that our local newspaper, the Gainesville Sun, is looking for mixed race couples to share their stories to commemorate the 43rd anniversary of Loving Day. So, without hesitation, I'm jumping aboard! I am half of a mixed race marriage, and my wonderful husband is the other (and better) half. My story sharing is in the works, and our love tale will be posted when it is complete. Look for that.

I've linked the Gainesville Sun article to the title of this post, so if you're in a mixed marriage in the Gainesville should share your story too. I dare you. ;-)

the end.


Blogger Survivor said...

Ur love story left me in awe. U guys have truly persevered. Managed to build a strong relationship even in the absence of physical intimacy.I'm 21 and searching for that mr right, just pray god blesses me with a soulmate I love so whole-heartedly and passionately as u do regardless his race. God bless xxx

November 9, 2011 at 7:35 PM  
Blogger huneygirl07 said...

Thank you, Survivor! Definitely keep the faith, and at the right time, God will bring the right man into your life! :-) I don't keep up with this blog much any more. However, I have started a new one that I'm very active on. I've incorporated our love story as well. you can check it out at

November 15, 2011 at 9:42 AM  

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